Merry Christmas on Behalf of 2022-2023 Student Council

Dear St. Paul’s,

The long-awaited Christmas season is picking up into full swing and it is my pleasure to represent Student Council to say a few final words before school is dismissed for the most magical holiday of the year.

It is safe to say that December is a busy month when it comes to work load at school during the final few weeks. But there is no better feeling than a crisp snowy Christmas morning. It is an understatement to say that it makes all of your hard work worth it.

Over the past few years, the pandemic has made it a challenge for us to gather with our loved ones over the holidays, but it is now a point in time where it is safe to sit down with those we love. I have really learned over the past three years that this is not something to take for granted, and the Student Council will share my sentiments in our efforts to fully bring normalcy and school spirit back to St. Paul’s.

Aside from a long-awaited break, Christmas is also about celebrating the birth of Christ. It is important to remember what Christmas is really about: our common faith in Jesus, and the blessing of his nativity. As His Holiness the Pope stated: “Christmas is the feast of love incarnate and born for us in Jesus Christ. He is the light of mankind shining in the darkness, giving meaning to human existence and to the whole of history.”

I, on behalf of myself, Student Council President Jacob Brisebois, Vice President Noah Friesen, and the St. Paul’s High School 2022-2023 Student Council, wish you all a blessed Advent and Merry Christmas.

Carter Shippam

Student Relations

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