The Crusader News is the Official Student Newspaper of St. Paul’s High School.

The Crusader News is written by students, for students. Our aim is to provide quality news content that covers our school, our country, and our world. We wish to challenge the students to think deeply and consider the many things that affect their lives and the lives of others.

Full print editions will be published twice per term.

Ilia Mehr Bakhsh ’23


Caleb Pereira ’23

Head Copy Editor

Baljot Rai ’24

Deputy Editor/Religion Section Editor

Nathan Poklar ’24

Politics Section Editor

Siwon Jengsuksavat ’23

Arts & Culture Section Editor

Oscar Lavitt ’24

School Life Section Editor

William Hudson ’24

Science & Tech Section Editor

Luke Perrett ’24

Sports Section Editor

Yash Varma ’24

Website Editor

Darius Martin ’24

Website Editor