“Goblin Mode”: Word of the Year

By Isaac Lavitt '25 & Evan Peters '25 Copy Editor & Contributor “Goblin Mode” has been named the Word of the Year for 2022 by the Oxford Dictionary. Taking 93% of the public vote, this phrase has been chosen to aptly encapsulate this year, standing beside previous years’ “toxic,” “climate emergency,” and “vax.” Meaning “A... Continue Reading →

Taylor Swift Strikes Huge Success

By Sawyer Ramsay '24 Copy Editor On October 21, Taylor Swift, the singer we all know as one of the biggest faces of pop music, dropped her tenth studio album, smashing sales records immediately. Widely acclaimed as a masterpiece, Midnights amplifies her previous success while exposing a new facet of her mu-sic. Following the release... Continue Reading →

Christmas for a Filipino

By John Ergon Golpe '24 Contributor It may just be that time of year again for you, but for me the holiday spirit already arrived months ago. Since my home-country’s colonization by the Spanish in 1521, the Philippines has passionately clung to its rich Catholic roots. Unlike other countries that celebrate Christmas, Filipinos excitedly begin... Continue Reading →

Chess Cheating Scandal

Kiefer Gould '24 Contributor In the world of chess, there is nothing worse than a cheater. They rig games to win money and fame, using computers to crush their opponent in ways never seen before. Cheaters are exceedingly rare in chess and unheard of at the top levels. This was not the case for Hans... Continue Reading →

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

Daniel Stipanovic '25 Contributor The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power is visually stunning and entertaining but lacks coherent dialogue. The show is accurate to the lore written by J.R.R. Tolk-ien, and does not fail to enter-tain the audience.   The show takes place during the second age and the rise of Sauron. Sauron helps... Continue Reading →

Review – Elvis

Sawyer Ramsay '24 Science & Tech Copy Editor Elvis Presley was no doubt one of the most iconic and important cultural figures of the last century. He changed the worlds of both music and pop culture, making them more diverse. It only makes sense that a movie would be made to honour his life. The... Continue Reading →

Turning Red: Is It Okay To Be Different?

Yash Varma ’24 Contributor Pixar Studio’s Turning Red (2022) captures the exaggerated swagger of a Chinese tween in early 2000s Toronto. It is Pixar Studio’s newest instalment and has been well-received by critics and ethnically underrepresented minorities alike. However, does it really live up to the excitement, or has Pixar dropped the ball on their... Continue Reading →

The Emoji Movie: So Bad it’s Good? No. 

Jackson Gordon '22 Science & Technology Editor The Emoji Movie has far too esteemed a cast to be as terrible as it is. The first twenty minutes of the film introduce the audience to the inhabitants of ‘Textopolis,’ the land inside your phone where the emojis live. One of these emojis, the poop emoji, voiced... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Black Artists

Alec Compton '22 Arts & Culture Editor Jay-Z: The Blueprint  In 2001, Jay-Z released his sixth studio album, The Blueprint. Despite being over an hour long, The Blueprint is airtight. Anthems like “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”, alongside softer tracks like “Song Cry,” prove the artist’s genius. Jay-Z’s career has taken an interesting turn. After he came out... Continue Reading →

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