Christmas 2022 Letter from Maroon & White President

Happy Holidays St. Paul’s,On behalf of the Maroon & White Society, I would like to thank everyone for your continued support. As we emerge from the pandemic, more people are in need of our help and support than ever. The Maroon & White recognizes our school’s importance in providing for those in need during these times. Our goal has been to be a light in such trying times: to lead with hope and faith.

Our efforts to work alongside groups like Our Place/Chez Nous, Thrive Community Support Circle, Honouring Indigenous Peoples Committee of the Rotary Club of Winnipeg, and Kids Help Phone have all been focused on providing for the heavily stricken parts of society. With the help we have received through donations and volunteerism, St. Paul’s has been able to provide a needed Servant Leadership for our city. The Maroon & White Society is incredibly thankful for your kindness and generosity as we strive to walk with those in need. It is because of your generosity that we have been able to leave a positive impact. We will continue our mission to be a light into the new year.

I, on behalf of myself, Maroon & White Vice President Jackson Lachaine, and The Maroon & White Society wish you a blessed Advent, Happy Holidays, and a Merry Christmas. In this season of giving, let us reflect upon our mission and be a light for others.

Sincerely, Caleb Pereira,

President of the Maroon & White Society

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