A Letter from the Editor

James Brennan ’21

Chief Editor

Dear readers,

My time here at The Crusader News has come to a close. I’m so proud of the work we accomplished over this past year. We aimed for four full editions and managed to complete five. We published over 100 articles, crosswords, and comics. We launched a new website (thecrusadernews.ca) to share our content with a wider audience, and we have great plans in mind for next year.

In September, we aim to come back even stronger. Hopefully, there will be more events at the school for the newspaper to cover. If that’s the case, we’ll have articles about school sports games and clubs and everything we love doing.

It’s been a pleasure working with the entire newsroom team. Whether you were one of our loyal editors or a new writer, you were a crucial part of our operation. We started off with only eight of us, but we’ve grown to a great group of over 35. I couldn’t do it without all the support and great work you’ve put in this year. I thoroughly enjoyed your wide-ranging interests and writing abilities. If you missed editions, remember that they’re all available on our website.

If you’d like to write for us in the future, please contact Donovan Martin, as he will be the Chief Editor next year. We have our editorial team in line and we’ll be ready for new writers, so let us know if you’re interested! You can write about virtually anything. Also, I cannot take credit for the edition you’re reading.

I edited the first four this year, but I passed on the torch to Donovan Martin for this final edition. Between him and Ilia Mehr Bakhsh, next year’s Deputy Editor, the newspaper is in good hands. Thanks as well to Mr. Broadhurst for his immense efforts as the newspaper moderator.

After the challenging few years we’ve had, we grade 12s have come to appreciate our time at St. Paul’s. I think my friend Beiment Abera said it best in his article: “I write this so that future generations of students can perhaps glance at things from my perspective…enjoy every moment of the remaining time you have left here.” I encourage you to read the rest.

To the rest of the students who remain on their journey at St. Paul’s, I encourage you to find your passions and develop them. When more extra-curriculars start again, participate fully in your school community. Support each other in your endeavours.

Happy reading and have a wonderful summer.


Photo Credit: Ms. Amanda Camara

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