The Pope’s Apology, What Comes Next? 

Evan Peters '25 & Aidan Kuo '25 Contributors On Monday, July 25, 2022, Pope Francis delivered a historic apology for the Roman-Catholic Church’s involvement in the Residential Schools system. From the 1870s to the 1990s, 150 000 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis children between the ages of four to sixteen were taken from their families... Continue Reading →

The Downfall of Leicester City 

Eleojo Audu '24 Contributor In the 2015-2016 Premier League season, the impossible happened. A team that spent almost all the previous season struggling at the bottom of the table was now at the top, crowned the champions of the Premier League. This team was Leicester City F.C., a small club when compared to the English... Continue Reading →

First Past the Post Strikes Again 

Nathan Poklar '24 Section Editor This October, Quebeckers went to the polls, and the result was clear: the way we vote is broken. Using the first past the post system (electing a person with the most votes regardless of whether they win a majority) has yet again produced results that do not reflect how the... Continue Reading →

Squid Game Review (Spoilers)

John Ergon Golpe 24 Deadly but lucrative stakes and deeply flawed but lovable characters. What seemed to be a show of shallow premise became a worldwide K-Drama phenomenon on Netflix for its excellent ensemble cast!   This latest Netflix Original Squid Game centers on the miserable lives of Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-Jae), Sae-Byeok (Ho Yeon Jung), and a plethora of other characters, all in immense financial debt. They are forced to make a decision that could prove fatal: they are forced... Continue Reading →

Remembering my years at St. Paul’s

Beiment Abera ’21 Contributor Dear Crusader Family, It was Mother’s Day afternoon when, all of a sudden, my phone became an instant alarm clock, ringing non-stop. I received several texts from friends, family, and colleagues regarding the province’s decision about the sudden influx of cases. The news was devastating and unbearable: those in authority thought... Continue Reading →

A Letter from the Editor

James Brennan ’21 Chief Editor Dear readers, My time here at The Crusader News has come to a close. I’m so proud of the work we accomplished over this past year. We aimed for four full editions and managed to complete five. We published over 100 articles, crosswords, and comics. We launched a new website... Continue Reading →

What. A. Year.

Sameer Batla '22Contributor Chaotic. Unstable. Tumultuous. Unprecedented. All very fitting words to describe the year of our Lord 2020. From widespread disease, celebrity entanglements, global protests, and more, here’s a quick recap of the unforgettable events that this year has brought us.  As obvious as it is, the current COVID-19 pandemic is the one agonizing theme that has played... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Message from The Crusader News

Donovan Martin '22Deputy Editor The end of this year's different,From the ends we've had before.For one, instead of going out,We spend our days indoors. No longer can we visitOur close friends and family.Our grand dinners, our grand partiesAre now distant memories Yet even with a virusBeing present everywhere,Your friends at The Crusader NewsCouldn't help it... Continue Reading →

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