Logan Paul strikes again

Jackson Gordon ’22
Science & Tech Editor

Riley Wilcosh ’22
Film Critic

Logan Paul, the YouTuber, actor, boxer, and Pokémon card collector has recently gained fame in both the Pokémon-card-collecting and boxing worlds.

After Paul found success on YouTube by opening a 200 000 USD (254 000 CAD) box of Pokémon cards, he decided that he would dip his toes further into the Pokémon collecting community. What he did not realize is the impact his initial opening would have on the Pokémon card market.

For those who do not know, the box that Paul opened was a First Edition Base Set Booster Box. This box contains the first print run of English Pokémon Cards ever made, including the first Charizard card, which in perfect condition can be worth upwards of 220 000 USD (279 500 CAD).

Logan Paul and the Charizard card

Despite the price of these boxes rising, Paul decided buying more would be a good investment, costing him a whopping 2 000 000 USD (2 540 000 CAD). Despite the high price of these boxes, Paul would likely profit off them as he is selling individual packs at an auction.

The average cost for a pack from his first box was 38 650 USD (49 100 CAD) including a 20% buyer’s premium. If Paul decides to sell all 216 of his packs and they reach this price he will be making 4 650 000 USD (5 900 000 CAD) in profits.

Even if he does not decide to sell all his packs, his upcoming boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. is sure to cover at least some of his insane purchase. Aside from his other crazy exploits, Paul dabbles in boxing, taking part in what is known as “money fights.” Fights that do not have a reason other than making those involved rich, no matter how damaging to the person, company, or sport they are.

Since his two fights with fellow YouTuber KSI (ending in first a tie, and second a KSI victory), Logan has mostly been in the corner of his younger brother, Jake, who has enraged the combat sports world recently by beating a retired NBA player, kicking the recently defeated Conor McGregor while he is down, and challenging a world class wrestler to a boxing match.

Since then, Logan himself has been scheduled to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., a much more established and renowned boxer. However, Floyd is semi-retired and weighs roughly 60 pounds less than Paul. While it is impossible to predict the outcome of this event, what is known is that both parties will largely profit from it.

While Paul has previously made many “severe and continuous lapse[s] in [his] judgement” (an excerpt from Paul’s infamous apology video), these two events do not seem to follow this trend as profit is highly likely.

Photo credit: Brent Koep

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