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Your Lie In April:  10/10

Genre: comedy, drama, music, romance, school, slice of life, tragedy

Watching Your Lie In April is an emotional roller coaster ranging from pure joy to absolute sorrow. While some may be hesitant to watch due to the seemingly melodramatic or generic story, completing the series is an emotional experience tenfold that of something like A Fault in Our Stars despite the similar subject matter, they are truly not comparable in terms of emotional depth. Although there are many amazing slices of life amines out there, what sets this one apart and makes it exceptional is the incredible music. Even if you have no knowledge of classical music or if it’s not your style, Your Lie in April will surely be an exception and could be a possible gateway to enjoying that kind of music. Your Lie in April is a truly incredible emotional experience, don’t miss it.

Sorcery Fight/Jujutsu Kaisen: 9.5/10

Genre: action, demons, horror, supernatural

Jujutsu Kaisen came out in 2020 and is already beloved within the Anime community. This anime’s highlights are its action-packed fighting scenes where the main character Yuuji Itadori fights cursed spirits akin to demons. The characters in the anime all have their own charm and unique personalities which only adds to the excellent action and makes it all the more interesting. The only issue is the there are not enough episodes, which means you’re always left on a cliff-hanger and always wanting more but you have to wait for the next episode. Excellent for fans of Naruto and Black Clover, this anime is still ongoing so it’s a perfect time to jump into it and experience the excitement for each new episode.

Gate: 6.5/10

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Military

Gate is an anime where two unlikely worlds collide: our world and a medieval fantasy world. This anime is an excellent watch if you have ever wanted to see modern-day weapons pitted against conventional medieval fantasy creatures like elves, dragons, wizards, and knights. This anime has some great fighting scenes; however, a criticism I would levy against it is that some fights are lacklustre. For example, the fights that have creatures like the knights have no defence against the modern weapons which makes for a bland fight, and are much less consequential than larger, better-equipped creatures like the dragons, making the knights’ appearances underwhelming.

Black Clover: 9.5/10

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic

In Black Clover, you follow the life of Asta, a boy who was born without magic in a world where magic is everything. He devotes blood, sweat, and tears to becoming the best magician and becoming the wizard king. Asta is part of the Black Bulls, a magic knight squad among many who devote their lives to help and protect the clover kingdom. The Black Bulls are an excellent source of humour in the anime due to their misfit nature and lack of cohesion with society. The problem with this anime is that in the newer episodes the story is very dry since there no big events happening nor any big fights. But, the fight scenes are spectacular, action-packed, and comedic. What else could you ask for in an anime? It’s the perfect combo.

Classroom Of The Elite: 7.5/10

Genre: School

Classroom Of The Elite is an anime about a class of students at a high school where nearly 100% of their students go to university or find employment. In the anime, you follow the D-class, the lowest class, a collection of the school’s least academically inclined. In this anime, you will see the injustice against the lower class and a sibling rivalry between the student president and his little sister in D-class. The thing that brings this anime to a 7.5 to me is that there is only one season since they used it to promote their manga (Japanese comics) and that means you are left on a huge cliffhanger. But there have been rumours that if there were to be a second season, it would premiere in 2022.

Photo credits: Wikipedia (Black Clover, Gate, Classroom of the Elite), IMDb (Jujutsu Kaisen, Your Lie in April)

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