A Christmas Message from The Crusader News

Donovan Martin ’22
Deputy Editor

The end of this year’s different,
From the ends we’ve had before.
For one, instead of going out,
We spend our days indoors.

No longer can we visit
Our close friends and family.
Our grand dinners, our grand parties
Are now distant memories

Yet even with a virus
Being present everywhere,
Your friends at The Crusader News
Couldn’t help it not to share

Stories from the outer world,
To our small community
Of religion, sports, politics,
Arts and technology.

So even in our bizarre times,
We wish to deliver the news
To humour and to educate
To inform and to amuse

Be you lighting your menorah,
Kinara, or Christmas tree
A safe Christmas, Cru’ News wishes,
To all of your family.

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