US Election Special: Debate

The Case for Joe Biden

Alec Compton ’22
Arts & Culture Editor

Joe Biden was not my preferred pick in the Democratic primary. In fact, he was far from it. I do not believe Joe Biden is fit to be president; I do, however, think he is infinitely more qualified than Donald Trump.

Biden will do a far better job than Trump in all categories. When Biden was vice president with Obama, he helped take the crumbled economy given to him by George W. Bush to the thriving economy Americans experienced during Obama’s second term (2013-17).

Trump used the upward trajectory given to him by Obama but couldn’t hold it, and the US now has the worst unemployment since the Great Depression. Trump lies and says he was great for the economy, but all he did was ride Obama and Biden’s coattails and he couldn’t even keep the trajectory going.

COVID-wise, Trump has completely fumbled both policy and image. He waited far too long to shut down travel to Europe, mishandled the lockdown, and promoted untested medical treatments such as hydroxychloroquine.

Trump did all of this while posturing as a strongman by not wearing a mask and calling COVID a hoax. All of Trump’s supposed economic success means nothing as wealth inequality in America keeps growing and growing. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer.

Biden promises to raise taxes, but only on US citizens who make over 400,000 USD (525,280 CAD) yearly. Any Republicans complaining that Biden is going to raise their taxes are clearly misinformed, as only 1% of the population makes over that amount, contrary to Donald Trump Jr.’s claim that 82% of Americans would suffer higher taxes under Biden.

While he wouldn’t be my personal choice for president, Joe Biden is the only chance we have of pushing the fascist, racist, homophobic lunatic that is the Donald out of office.

The Case for Donald Trump

Jackson Gordon ’22
Science & Tech Editor

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is the third most powerful person in the world according to Forbes.

During his presidency, Trump has used this power to achieve greatness. He immensely boosted the American economy and handled COVID-19 exquisitely. During his first three years in office, Trump brought the unemployment rate down to 3.5%, the lowest it has been in 50 years.

The Dow Jones also hit record numbers under the Trump administration. Though these numbers have both declined during the coronavirus pandemic, they have already started to rebound as Trump’s handling of the pandemic was incredible.

Immediately when COVID-19 began to emerge, Trump shut down flights from China which greatly slowed the spread of the virus, allowing the American medical system to prepare for a surge in cases.

The pandemic’s main effect in America was the loss of jobs. Though 20 million jobs were lost from February to April, there were 9 million jobs gained from May to July and Trump will keep this number of new jobs rising just like he did before COVID arrived.

Donald Trump clearly knows how the economy works and how to keep it running at even greater proportions than ever. He also can clearly handle stressful situations like COVID-19 with ease.

When he is elected for another four years, he will make America greater than it ever has been.

Photo Credits: Scott Eisen/Getty Images (Biden), Alex Brandon/AP (Trump).

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