Update from the 2020-21 Maroon and White Society

Myles Cesario ’21
President of the Maroon and White Society

Hello St. Paul’s! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Myles Cesario and I am President of the Maroon and White Society.

I help oversee the operations of the society and add my input on important decisions regarding places where the Society can help those in our community. I am simply another member of the Maroon and White just called to carry on a little more responsibility. I promise I will maintain this responsibility.

The purpose of the Maroon and White—helping the less fortunate in any way we can—has never been more important. As President, I can say to you that the Society and its members will do their best in fulfilling this mission. 

We are all excited about the new experiences this year will bring, but that does not mean we can do it by ourselves. We are all called to be Maroon and White because being men for and with others is not just wearing a maroon jacket, it is service in action and it is love in action. 

Our first Mission Week will be from November 23-27 in support of the House of Peace, a not-for-profit home for newcomer women in need (House of Peace Website). We humbly ask you all to participate. 

Mission Week will happen regardless of which learning level the school implements. So, as we approach our first Mission Week in this global pandemic, let us remember that we do not have Mission Weeks just for fun but to support those who need our help.

As you know, the Maroon and White collected socks for the Main Street Project’s Socktober (Main Street Project Website). I’d like to say a huge thank you to all those who participated in Socktober. From the members who collected socks, the PR committee, Socktober committee, to those who made announcements, to Mrs. Moore and finally to all students who so graciously donated socks.

We had a resounding success, raising exactly 1,344 pairs of gently used and new socks. Thank you so much, St. Paul’s! 

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