Trip at Knight: Brilliantly Nostalgic? 

  Osahon Okoro ’25 


Trip at Knight, rapper Trippie Redd’s latest album, is so consistently brilliant. The title of a song off the record perfectly describes it: “Vibes.” Trip At Knight delivers the transcendent feeling you’d expect from Trippie’s beautiful vocals, combined with a tasteful selection of beats. I would describe the album as reminiscent of a Pokémon fan game, with catchy beats that incorporate many of the same elements of video game music.  

The opening song, “Molly Heart,” is an excellent preview of what the album has to offer. Long strokes of synth blare throughout the track. The lyrics are nothing to gawk at, with a number of references to video games (such as Earthbound), sports, and other pop culture mediums. Though the lyrics are lackluster, the song has sensational production. Each second of “Molly Heart” is an ethereal experience and it sets a consistent tone for the rest of the album.  

The features on this project fill in the gaps that Trippie leaves with his performances, especially Ski Mask the Slump God. On “Demon Time,” every line Ski Mask spits has a multitude of meanings, complimenting Trippie’s melodic flow nicely.   

The track “Space Time” is excellent at provoking feelings of transcendence and other-worldliness. Going forward, I will be calling this the ‘Trippie Effect.’ The lyrics are once again unimportant for the middle section of this album’s strengths lie in its ability to create a consistent atmosphere. The Trippie Effect envelops you.  

“Super Cell,” my personal favourite song on the record, is filled to the brim with Dragon Ball-Z (DBZ) references. Sometimes it is overdone, but the Trippie Effect transforms it from a simple song about DBZ characters to the retelling of a childhood. This song shows me the joy and wonder a child would experience when introduced to a vast world of characters and alien powers. It brings me back to the first time I watched Naruto and my complete mystification with the world and atmosphere Kishimoto produced.  

Overall, the listening experience can only be described as heavenly. Trippie has proved himself as a true virtuoso, creating an enamouring and transcendent experience. I would highly recommend checking out the visualizers, as they only add to the listening experience. Heavenly.  


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