Maroon and White Year Recap

James Brennan ’21   Chief Editor The 2020-21 Maroon and White Society had a successful year. Under the leadership of President Myles Cesario and Vice President Juan Pablo Garcia Recio, we coordinated multiple events and initiatives at the school this year. Beginning the year with a wonderful retreat and elections to our executive committee, we... Continue Reading →

The Three Gifts of Tomorrow

Myles Cesario ’21 Religion Editor In the Catholic Church there are three theological virtues that are interconnected and ultimately define the Christian life; they are faith, hope, and charity. These are the virtues that the world must see at the end of not only this pandemic, but this academic year. Three virtues that will set... Continue Reading →

Universal Apostolic Preferences Conference

Myles Cesario ’21      Religion Editor The Universal Apostolic Preferences, UAPs for short, are four preferences that the Society of Jesus wishes all its apostolates to keep in the back of their minds in their decisions for the next 10 years. The four UAPs are: To show the way to God through the Spiritual... Continue Reading →

The pilgrim of peace: Pope Francis visits Iraq

Ilia Mehr Bakhsh '23Contributor “Peace does not demand winners or losers, but rather brothers and sisters who, for all the misunderstandings and hurts of the past, are journeying from conflict to unity.” These are the words of Pope Francis on the occasion of his historic visit to Iraq. On March 4, Pope Francis left the... Continue Reading →

Ramadan: the holiest month of the year

Sharif McCurdy '22Contributor Ramadan is an important time of the year for all Muslims. Religious and non-religious, we all take part in the holy month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Muslim calendar. During the month, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn until dusk. As the Quran says, “The month of Ramadan... Continue Reading →

Welcoming Mr. Oliver Capko, S.J.

Myles Cesario '21Religion Editor Mr. Oliver Capko, S.J. is the newest Jesuit in our school community and perhaps one of the most unknown characters in our school life. But in truth, his life has been unique and filled with adventure. Born in Greater Vancouver on January 25, 1994—the Feast Day of the Conversion of St. Paul—he is one of... Continue Reading →

Faith in the West: a continuing decline?

Tony Fiorino '21Contributor Look at your life. We drift from quiet, barren homes to work and school—the location of our labours and where our forefathers once hated to be—only to return to those desolate spaces we call home. People shuffle between each other’s lives—literally swiping past in some cases—never attempting to reach out or see... Continue Reading →

On Christian Persecution

Myles Cesario '21Religion Editor The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads: “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion.” Religious tolerance and freedom of religion are central pillars in democratic, multicultural... Continue Reading →

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