Maroon and White Year Recap

James Brennan ’21  

Chief Editor

The 2020-21 Maroon and White Society had a successful year. Under the leadership of President Myles Cesario and Vice President Juan Pablo Garcia Recio, we coordinated multiple events and initiatives at the school this year. Beginning the year with a wonderful retreat and elections to our executive committee, we got to work planning our events for the year.

First, in partnership with the Main Street Project, we assisted with their Socktober sock collection campaign. Thanks to all the students, we collected 1350 pairs of socks. Around the same time, we were writing, filming, and producing videos advertising the Crusader Raffle and the SPHS Open House. In November, we held our first Mission Week in support of the Holy Names House of Peace. This wonderful mission is a home where newcomer women can stay when they first arrive in Canada, often coming from difficult situations in their home countries. Through hot chocolate sales, a pizza lunch, a dress code, and many other donations, we raised thousands of dollars for this great organization.

In February, the Maroon and White, in collaboration with the Human Rights Initiative, organized a celebration of Black History Month, which included African food in the cafeteria, music from black artists on the announcements, educational posters, and a Kahoot game. Also in February, we launched the Blood Donation Initiative. All those age 17 and up were (and still are) invited to download the Canadian Blood Services app and book an appointment to donate. Our goal was 30 donations, which we passed easily, and we’re still going.

Another joint initiative with Mr. Dainard was the collection of coats and winter clothing during a cold snap in February. Thanks to your support, we received hundreds of coats and donated them to Mama Bear Clan and O.P.K. In April, we held our second Mission Week in support of Chalice, a Canadian Catholic charity devoted to international development and education in 15 developing countries around the world. We raised thousands of dollars with our pizza and freezie sales, outdoor games, and cohort competition. This money will go directly toward the daily needs of families through Chalice’s fantastic mission. The Maroon and White also had duties at Mass, including setup, takedown, reading the epistles and petitions, and serving at the altar.

If you’re currently in grade eleven and you are invited to join the Maroon and White next year, I encourage you to participate fully and give it your all. While it can be hard work at times, it is a worthwhile experience and a great way to serve during your final year of high school. We’d like to extend our thanks to Ms. Moore, the Maroon and White moderator, for her tireless work in supporting the society’s events this year. All that we can accomplish together is AMDG.

Photo Credit: James Brennan

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