Taylor Swift Strikes Huge Success

By Sawyer Ramsay ’24

Copy Editor

On October 21, Taylor Swift, the singer we all know as one of the biggest faces of pop music, dropped her tenth studio album, smashing sales records immediately. Widely acclaimed as a masterpiece, Midnights amplifies her previous success while exposing a new facet of her mu-sic. Following the release of her new album, she also announced a tour across North America, the first since the beginning of the pandemic. Ticket sales for this tour reached an unprecedented amount of demand causing a hassle for ticket-buyers looking to get their hands on the coveted concert tickets.

Midnights is Swift’s tenth studio album, and it explores a much different mood than most of her other work. Taylor Swift is famous for producing straight-forward and catchy pop lyrics, along with country songs.

Her most recent album, however, seems to aim for a mystical mood and atmosphere, rather than trying to be the most popular and trendy music. Midnights strays off the path of what is considered pop in this modern day and borrows aspects of old-school synth. Swift’s album seems to focus on portraying a diverse array of emotions throughout its 20 tracks. However, there are still many aspects of the Taylor Swift music that we all know.

Taylor Swift’s new album became extremely successful almost instantaneously after its release. Midnights has been Swift’s most successful album to this date. At its release, it broke the record for the best week for any album and it took to the Billboard top 100 charts by storm, occupying every one of the top ten spots. It also had a significantly higher number of streams than any of her previous albums. Swift’s fame seems to be growing. In her last album, she reached around 90 million streams on the day of its release. Midnights, however, managed to reach a whopping 185 million streams on release day, more than double the number of streams of the previous album.

To follow the success of this album, Swift is going on tour across North America, which caused an enormous problem for fans looking to get tickets. Many fans have been clamouring to attend one of the concerts for her “Eras Tour.” Taylor Swift did not tour after the release of her previous three albums: Lover, Folklore, and Evermore because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, so fans have been waiting in anticipation for another chance to watch the star’s live performance.

When the tickets first went on sale, Ticketmaster’s website suffered worldwide outages. There were so many people trying to get tickets that the servers could not handle it and malfunctioned, making it extremely difficult for fans to get their hands on tickets.

So go on Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever digital music app you use, and give it a listen. Swift’s new music will convince you that Midnights, which topped the charts and overwhelmed the ticket systems for the tour, was the main factor that propelled Swift’s fame.

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