Student Council Address

Jake Brisebois ’23

Student Council President

To the St. Paul’s Community,  

First, we want to thank you all for your support during a tough campaign and for electing us to be your Student Council President and Vice-President for the 2022-2023 school year. We would like to start by saying that we are committed to bringing back the spirit, energy, and events that were lost during the pandemic.  

Our full Student Council is finalized and we, as a team, have been working hard to plan a great year. Our council consists of Carter Shippam, Jackson Zuk, Aidan Wuerful, Davis Low, Jacob Phillips, Nathan Macdonell, and Dante Cameron-Thibodeau. We feel that each member plays an important role on our council and that this is crucial to helping achieve our goals for this year.  

Having been in a pandemic since grade nine, this year’s grade twelves have only had a glimpse of what the true St. Paul’s experience is. As a result, we are trailblazing our way through the year with new ideas, reinventing previous ones, and bringing back old traditions. 

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished thus far and are excited for what is to come. Despite all the work that the Student Council does, nothing could be possible without student participation. With that being said, we would like to encourage everyone to be more than just an “8:30 to 3:15” student. Get out and join clubs, join sports teams, get involved, and participate in events. When it is all done you will regret only the things you did not do. A final thing we ask is that you have an open mindset, and step outside your comfort zone—as we did when running for Student Council. Just like us, you could find something that you will look forward to daily.  

Lastly, we would like to let everyone know that we are approachable: do not be afraid to ask us questions, or give us suggestions! Feel free to talk to us in the halls, or message us on Teams or social media (@febreeze.sphs on Instagram).  

Thank you for the support, keep participating, and we hope that we can help all of you have a great school year.  

On behalf of the St. Paul’s High School 2022-2023 Student Council, 

Student Council President Jake Brisebois. 

Photo Credit: Luke Perrett

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