Roger Federer: The Tennis Maestro 

Samay Dadlani ’24 & Evan Peters ‘25  

Copy Editor & Contributor

Roger Federer, often referred to as the “Swiss Maestro”, is the greatest tennis player of all time. Federer holds the record for the most ATP singles titles, winning twenty Grand Slams, including eight Wimbledon Titles, as well as two Olympic medals. These titles alone are not what make Federer the greatest of all time. His greatness lies in his unwavering sportsmanship and commitment to the game of tennis. 

Federer’s great achievements claim him the nickname “The King of Grass.” This title was won through making extraordinary shots, staying calm under pressure, and never willing to give up.  

When Federer first began playing tennis, the style and variation that he displayed had never been seen before; the use of volleys and a wide range of different shots helped him win points with ease. His skills on the court made it seem he had invented the game of tennis. As Federer’s career progressed, he realized that it was more difficult to keep up with the future stars, so he designed a new system to win points more efficiently and conserve more energy, striving to prove even more.  

And so Federer always tried to win more—and he did, even when it seemed like there was nothing left for him to prove or to win. In 2014, Patrick McEnroe commented that Federer should retire on top. Federer did not retire until this September after winning five Grand Slams and ATP titles after that year, holding the record for the most ATP titles in history. This work ethic and determination and defiance of expectations is why Federer is a role model for athletes.  

On-court accolades are not the only thing that make Federer so great. As of now, Roger Federer has donated over two-million dollars to supply children living in poverty with meals, and he has helped open schools to educate thousands of children in Malawi. This off-court work is all done through The Roger Federer Foundation.  

Federer has said multiple times that his charity and off-court work is what he is most proud of. Federer uses his platform to support positive change.  

Roger Federer holds many records and titles, but these records and titles are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to measuring his greatness. Rather, his greatness lies in his unwavering sportsmanship and commitment to the sport of tennis. Federer has had countless athletic accomplishments, and he has always strived to be great not just athletically, but as a whole person. That is what makes Federer the greatest of all time, and on behalf of all tennis fans, we will miss you, Roger! 

Photo credit: Nick Laham/Getty Images Sport/Thinkstock

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