The Best Spare Spots – Ranked

Yash Varma ’24


Spares. Got to love ’em, eh? With the semester system in place, every grade now has schedules with spares. So, I feel that it is time that someone should take the challenge in ranking the most popular spare destinations and determine which place is the best to be. I feel that someone should be me (just because). Let’s start, shall we?

9. Hallway benches: There are benches placed about the school which students can use in between classes (but only three people as indicated by the distancing stickers). However, I believe that the hallway benches are the worst places to be during spare. The only thing you can do is sit on your phone. Eating is a hassle because there are no tables and doing last-minute homework is a nightmare for your back. It’s an awful place to be.

8. Student Entrance Link: An upgrade from the lousy bench-es, but still far from great. There are some benches and tables, but the student entrance doorway is right there. That means, depending on when you are there, harsh drafts of cold air and talkative kids will disrupt any relaxing environment.

7. The Multiplex Bleachers: This is a step up from the previous two, mainly because there is some form of entertainment in the gym (such as someone almost breaking the backboard while dunking). Unfortunately, access to this area may be limited depending on your schedule.

6. Multiplex Loggia: This is a good place for sitting and relaxing. Yet, though you have a desk and chair, both of them can be extremely uncomfortable. As well, any peace and quiet for working is nonexistent because of its proximity to the almost-dunking basketball players.

5. Empty Classrooms: A truly fun place to go during spare. You have full control of what you want to do. You can either sit and work on something quietly or throw a dance party with your friends. The only negative to this (and the reason why it is ranked lower on this list) is its scarcity: they are sometimes hard to find, again, depending on your schedule.

4. The Caf: The cafeteria is a wonderful place to go. It oozes a coffee shop vibe, with surrounding ambient noise and the great smells coming from Gene’s Place.

3. The Library: If I ranked this any lower, I’d get haunting glares from the librarians. So, I must say, the library is a wonderful place to finish up last-minute assignments, have access to computers, and cram before a test with your friends. Overall, it is a great place for bonding and community.

2. Cass Gym Link: What a wonderful place! It has a lot of great things: desks, chairs, access to the new St. Paul’s Peace Pond (SPPP), the Multi-Media lab, and benches for my fellow bench enthusiasts. The Cass Gym Link serves as a welcoming place for you and your friends to bond or to work.

1. The Newsroom: This is where the real stuff happens – slander, memes on the wall, weird messages on the whiteboard, and people having a good time. The only downside is that it’s limited to those who write for The Crusader News. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix! If you’d like access, there’s no better way to join than by simply writing for us!

Photo Credit: Yash Varma

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