The End of the Sedan Era

Dan Latimer ’22


The four-door car, or sedan, has become increasingly unpopular with the shift towards trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). As said by Lee Iacocca in Ford vs Ferrari, “People don’t want to drive the same boring cars their parents drove. Kids today want glamour.” The cars of the 60’s and 70’s were stylish for their time; but 50 years later, their look has gone stale.  

Trucks do have luxury options but are designed with off-road or rough farm trails in mind. Because of that, trucks can be used for the average family. Sedans do not have the same standard of luxury as they used to; they have become smaller and are not as versatile for different lifestyles. Trucks have taken their place as luxury vehicles having more advanced safety features, better creature comforts and an increased ride height allowing for more confidence behind the wheel. 

Recently, there has been a push for trucks to become more economical, only broadening their demographic. Overtime, the push for more fuel-efficient trucks and more versatile SUVs have made lessened the appeal of full-sized sedans to young buyers.  

This trend has resulted in car companies putting more emphasis on SUVs and trucks rather than normal cars. However, smaller cars still do appeal to some demographics. Today, it is more popular for a university student to drive a small car; they are fuel-efficient and far cheaper. Further, trucks and SUVs would not be practical for the small university commute. 

During the life of the sedan, cars were for families and trucks were for the working tradesman. Now with more comfort, luxury, and customization options, trucks are growing in popularity, and sedans are on the downturn

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