The Blue Bombers Regular Season Review

Sawyer Ramsay ’24


Two years ago, Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans were ecstatic when the Manitoba team took home their first Grey Cup since 1990. This year, the Bombers have dominated throughout their regular season with a near-perfect score and a solid lineup.  

This incredible season saw the Blue Bombers finish with a record of eleven wins and three losses. The Bombers played excellent on offence with many of their games being one-sided. It was a rare occurrence to see the Blue Bombers behind in a game.  

Their offensive line was highlighted by quarterback Zach Collaros, running back Andrew Harris, and wide receivers Darvin Adams, Nic Demski and Rasheed Bailey. Collaros is an important asset to the team and is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league. The Bombers also played well defensively throughout the season, with Willie Jefferson, Adam Bighill, and Jackson Jeffcoat as their star defenders. And the great coaching from Mike O’Shea made these victories possible. 

Although the Bombers played a great defensive and offensive season, they had a difficult time finding a reliable kicker. The Blue Bombers have had a rough year in determining who will replace their old star kicker Justin Medlock. Medlock won the award for the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) Most Outstanding Special Teams Player. After winning the Grey Cup and having not played in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, Medlock decided to retire, forcing the Bombers to find a replacement.  

For a long time, the Bombers could not find a suitable kicker. Most were not ideal and failed to convert on many attempts. It would take a trade with the B.C. Lions to resolve the issue. With the west coast team, the Bombers received Sergio Castillo as their new kicker in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the 2022 CFL draft. This is not Castillo’s first time playing with the Bombers, as he began his CFL career with Winnipeg in 2015. The Blue Bombers were also able to acquire another kicker named Gabriel Ferraro, who is a highly reputable kicker in the CFL.  

Despite all the trouble finding a reliable kicker, the Bombers were able to continue with their defence and offence holding them together. This culminated in a fantastic regular season, setting the team up well for the play-offs.  

Photo Credit: CFL

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