The Death of The Devil’s Dip

Patrick McManus ’22

Wilderness bike trails have been growing in popularity in Winnipeg. These trails span many kilometres around the city, often along rivers and roads. One of the largest trails in Winnipeg is along Wellington Crescent. Colloquially known as “The Devil’s Dip,” this trail consists of many sharp corners and tall jumps around the Assiniboine River. Due to river erosion and the weight of cars on the road near the riverside, a portion of Wellington Crescent is to be redone.

This resulted in the trails and The Devil’s Dip being removed. This is devastating, as many people who enjoyed riding along the river on these dirt trails witnessed a Winnipeg landmark being removed.

The loss of this trail pushed more people to go to “Bison Butte”, a downhill bike course behind the old cement factory on Kenaston Boulevard. A downhill bike course in the middle of the prairies is an uncommon sight to see. Downhill trails are much faster than flat courses and provide excitement to Winnipeg’s biking community. Yet Bison Butte still is pale in comparison to The Devil’s Dip’s popularity and notoriety.

Thankfully, Wellington Crescent’s renovation will include The Devil’s Dip and other surrounding wilderness trails. The new and improved trail will have a larger variety of jumps and multiple, more difficult paths. People of all ages will use these trails. We all have an opportunity to use these trails made for us, all around us. Someone is always having fun on the trails, and that could be you.

Photo Credit: Trailforks

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