Motorcycles vs Cars

Daniel Latimer ’22


Getting your license as a teen is something we all look forward to. It is the first taste of real freedom many get. The first time driving yourself to school, without your parents watching you at every turn, is a feeling unlike any other. Unfortunately, what was once an exciting drive to school can easily become a boring commute. A sports car is the obvious solution, but without spending north of 50,000 CAD, it is difficult. A motorcycle can be a more economical solution, costing a fraction of the price.

Why would you want to buy a motorcycle in the first place when you could spend roughly the same amount of money and buy a new Toyota Corolla? Well, if you’re thinking about purchasing a motorcycle in Manitoba, you must have a car for the winter. Assuming you already have a car, to buy a new entry-level Harley-Davidson, the Iron 883, will cost about 12,000 CAD. Whereas a Toyota Corolla costs 20,000 CAD. Aside from the upfront cost, motorbikes are more fuel-efficient than a car. The previously mentioned Iron 883 uses 4.6 litres of gas per hundred kilometers whereas a Toyota Ccorolla uses 7.1 litres per hundred kilometers.

Besides the gas and the price, motorcycles are just more fun. Zooming in your fancy sports car may be somewhat enjoyable, but the elation received on a bike is incomparable. The wind hitting your chest as you rev the engine to 13,000 rpm is remarkable. Because motorcycles weigh less than cars, the engines don’t have to be as powerful to go as fast.

However, safety is the main thing most people think of when purchasing a new vehicle. Cars are safer. They have four walls, a comfortable chair, and airbags. Motorcycles do have safety measures, and proper equipment and driving can reduce injury in an accident. Yet these procedures are pale in comparison to the safety features of most cars.

Motorcycles have been stigmatized. What was once a convenient way to travel became a hobby for old, bearded gentlemen, and gang members. Despite the greater risk, motorcycles remain an excellent form of transportation. They provide a cheaper, more eco-friendly alternative to driving a car. They give an opportunity for people to be free.

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