Steelers or Chiefs? Who will make it to Super Bowl LV?

Skyler Griffith ’21
Sports Editor

As the 2020 NFL regular season comes to an end, a handful of dominant teams are emerging as potential Super Bowl LV contenders.

While the New York Jets—who have yet to win a game this year—are watching the upcoming Super Bowl at home on TV (socially distanced of course), two exceptional teams will face off at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida in February.

The winner of this battle will be crowned America’s best football team. One major uncertainty of this year’s playoffs is which team from the AFC (American Football Conference) will make it to the Super Bowl.

Will it be the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers? Will the Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning champs, defend their title?

The Steelers and Chiefs are arguably the league’s two strongest teams, although only one will make it to the Super Bowl as both teams are from the AFC. Fans are left guessing which of the two it will be.

Pittsburgh Steelers (11-1, 1st in AFC North)

The Steelers remain the league’s only undefeated team. Led by two-time Super Bowl champion and veteran QB Ben Roethlisberger, along with Chase Claypool, a Canadian rookie WR (who has scored 10 touchdowns), the Steelers’ offence is unstoppable.

Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

Their defence is led by TJ Watt, who leads the league in QB pressures and hits, and is a strong contender for this year’s Defensive Player of the Year Award.

As a whole, the Steelers’ defence has allowed the least points per game and is a scary sight for any offence in the league. The Steelers are a team with essentially no weaknesses.

The only way the Steelers will miss the Super Bowl is if the Chiefs defeat them and make their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance.

Kansas City Chiefs (11-1, 1st in AFC West)

After winning last year’s Super Bowl, the Chiefs have made it their mission to become the league’s next dynasty.

QB Patrick Mahomes, who was league MVP in 2018, is on pace towards winning his second MVP award this year. Mahomes is leading the league in passing yards and has helped receiver Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce become 2nd and 3rd in receiving yards this year.

Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

This offence is simply unstoppable and is debatably one of the greatest of all time. Additionally, their defence is 6th in points allowed per game.

It is highly improbable for even the best of defences to stop this Chiefs offence. As long as their defence continues to hold their own, the Chiefs should be able to knock the Steelers out of the AFC finals and go on to win the Super Bowl.

This likely matchup between the Steelers and Chiefs will be even more exciting than the Super Bowl itself. Whoever wins should easily become the next Super Bowl champion.

The league’s #1 offence will be tested by the league’s #1 defence, and whichever of the two outperforms the other will lead their team to victory.

Photo credits: (Steelers vs Kansas City photo). (Ben Roethlisberger), (Patrick Mahomes)

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