Student Council President’s Introduction

Benjamin Brigg ’21
Student Council President

I am Benjamin Brigg and I am writing to you as your St. Paul’s Student Council President for the 2020-21 school year. I ran, along with my running mate Matthew Kaul, under the campaign name of BMO (Ben and Matt Operation).

We decided to run for council to give back to the school. Matt and I both intend to make this school year memorable for all grades. We understand that this year comes with some restrictions in what we are able to do, but that’s not stopping us from being creative and adapting to new changes but also making the school safe.

Our platform consists of a few major themes that we wish to bring to the school: inclusion of all grades, safety, and simplicity in our ideas, along with creating ideas that are realistic and aren’t too far out of reach. We have already begun work on our first Spirit Week coming up in the first week of November where we want to include our scavenger hunt. We have also begun speaking to the administration about bringing back our two-dollar dress codes and have looked to move more away from supporting the activities that are not going on in the school and pivoting to more charitable efforts.

When it comes to leading the school, Matt and I both believe that we are the men for the job and want the student body to have trust in us. Both of us are Maroon and White members and are student athletes in the school who maintain high academic standards.

We know how to balance school and extra-curriculars, so we should have no problem with Student Council. We both will have a lot on our plates this year as Seniors, but we are committed to putting the students before any personal gain. Also, we will have the help of our Council (which will be created this week) to provide more ideas and help even more to get the job done.

The students of St. Paul’s need to understand that this is no normal year by any means, but we are excited to serve you and are ready to do whatever we can to make this school year memorable, in a good way, for everyone.

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