Christmas for a Filipino

By John Ergon Golpe '24 Contributor It may just be that time of year again for you, but for me the holiday spirit already arrived months ago. Since my home-country’s colonization by the Spanish in 1521, the Philippines has passionately clung to its rich Catholic roots. Unlike other countries that celebrate Christmas, Filipinos excitedly begin... Continue Reading →

WestJet’s Narrow-Body Jet Problem

By Rodmehr Filizadeh '25 Contributor Canada’s second largest airline, WestJet, is currently in the process of modernizing its fleet. Unfortunately, they may have overlooked some consequences of their changing fleet composition. Recently, WestJet has begun to retire their older Boeing 737-700 planes to avoid renewing leases and because they are economically inefficient. Throughout 2020 and... Continue Reading →

Christmas and the Environment

By Baljot Rai '24 Deputy & Religion Editor It’s Christmas, the official season of overindulging, feasting, unwrapping presents and bedecking every corner of our homes with festive decorations. Yet have you ever considered the impact that your Christmas celebrations have on our planet? All the gifts we buy and give certainly aren’t gifts to our... Continue Reading →

Social Media and Brain Development in Children

Rodmehr Filizadeh '25 Contributor With the boom of social media platforms in recent years, it would be difficult to find people who have not heard of applications such as Instagram and TikTok. These applications have allowed for a new level of interaction, primarily when in-person contact is not possible. Unfortunately, these popular platforms impact brain... Continue Reading →

Taylor Swift Strikes Huge Success

By Sawyer Ramsay '24 Copy Editor On October 21, Taylor Swift, the singer we all know as one of the biggest faces of pop music, dropped her tenth studio album, smashing sales records immediately. Widely acclaimed as a masterpiece, Midnights amplifies her previous success while exposing a new facet of her mu-sic. Following the release... Continue Reading →

“Goblin Mode”: Word of the Year

By Isaac Lavitt '25 & Evan Peters '25 Copy Editor & Contributor “Goblin Mode” has been named the Word of the Year for 2022 by the Oxford Dictionary. Taking 93% of the public vote, this phrase has been chosen to aptly encapsulate this year, standing beside previous years’ “toxic,” “climate emergency,” and “vax.” Meaning “A... Continue Reading →

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