The Argument for Free Software

William Hudson '24 Contributor Current events are filled with stories of technological advancement and its benefits for the regular person. People hold computers millions of times more powerful than those used for the first moon landings, groceries can be directly ordered by speaking to a virtual assistant, and the internet is a wonderous and dynamic space. However, these advancements... Continue Reading →

Team Seas

Samay Dadlani '24 Contributor Beginning with the #TeamTrees, and now on to a more massive stage, viral content creator and certainly YouTube’s most popular philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson, more commonly known as Mr. Beast, is back with a grander campaign called Team Seas.   For those familiar with YouTube’s sensation Mr. Beast, you may recollect his goal of planting 20 million trees in 2019. With the assist of his 70 million fans, the goal was completely smashed out of the park – with the fundraiser still receiving generous donations every single day from October... Continue Reading →

The End of the Sedan Era

Dan Latimer '22 Contributer The four-door car, or sedan, has become increasingly unpopular with the shift towards trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). As said by Lee Iacocca in Ford vs Ferrari, “People don’t want to drive the same boring cars their parents drove. Kids today want glamour.” The cars of the 60’s and 70’s were stylish for their time; but 50 years later, their look... Continue Reading →

Global Warming: The Fuel of Deadly Hurricane

Baljot Rai '24 Contributor Diving into paleotempestology—the study of past tropical cyclone and hurricane activity—, it is easy to notice that many hurricanes with the most detrimental effects have occurred after 1990. This was not long after June 23, 1988, when the United States acknowledged climate change and global warming as a serious issue. The fact that these two timestamps are so close to each other is not a coincidence. Climate change has had many negative impacts on... Continue Reading →

Old Technology, New Invention

Isaac Lavitt '25 Contributor Imagine that you’re in a room. You see a clock, a collection of simple machines. Wheels, gears, levers, screws, and wedges fill this mechanical wonder as it ticks every second of the day. A ballpoint pen rests on your desk. This device, containing a spring and a rotating sphere in a... Continue Reading →

A Food Revolution

Oscar Lavitt '23 Contributor The world is currently experiencing a food revolution. Alternative food sources such as plant-based meats are stepping into the forefront. From your local supermarket to international chain restaurants, alternative meats are everywhere. Currently, there are only a few mainstream alternative meat options, but the future may be more diverse than you... Continue Reading →

Motorcycles vs Cars

Daniel Latimer ’22 Contributor Getting your license as a teen is something we all look forward to. It is the first taste of real freedom many get. The first time driving yourself to school, without your parents watching you at every turn, is a feeling unlike any other. Unfortunately, what was once an exciting drive... Continue Reading →

The Developing Duck Dilemma at St. Paul’s

Baljot Rai ’24 Contributor There has been a rumour in the hallways of St. Paul’s, about nothing other than: ducks! You may have wondered why the “Quad”, the beautiful outdoor green space in the center of the school for students to relax and socialize, has been shut down, even though the weather outside is magnificent.... Continue Reading →

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