The Developing Duck Dilemma at St. Paul’s

Baljot Rai ’24 Contributor There has been a rumour in the hallways of St. Paul’s, about nothing other than: ducks! You may have wondered why the “Quad”, the beautiful outdoor green space in the center of the school for students to relax and socialize, has been shut down, even though the weather outside is magnificent.... Continue Reading →

Maroon and White Year Recap

James Brennan ’21   Chief Editor The 2020-21 Maroon and White Society had a successful year. Under the leadership of President Myles Cesario and Vice President Juan Pablo Garcia Recio, we coordinated multiple events and initiatives at the school this year. Beginning the year with a wonderful retreat and elections to our executive committee, we... Continue Reading →

Earth Month at St. Paul’s

Baljot Rai '24Contributor This year, the St. Paul’s High School Environmental Action Committee (EAC) organized its first-ever Earth Month campaign! Founded in 2020 by Mr. Oliver Capko S.J., the EAC is one of the newest extracurricular activities available to the students of St. Paul’s and has quickly grown to a group of 26 dedicated students... Continue Reading →

End of an era: Mr. David Beeston ’76 retires

Darius Martin '24Contributor Donovan Martin '22Deputy Editor In mid-January of 2021, celebrated teacher Mr. David Beeston retired from St. Paul's High School. Mr. Beeston graduated from St. Paul’s in the class of 1976, returning a few years later to teach English at the school. As the years went on, his mark on the school grew.... Continue Reading →

Welcoming Mr. Oliver Capko, S.J.

Myles Cesario '21Religion Editor Mr. Oliver Capko, S.J. is the newest Jesuit in our school community and perhaps one of the most unknown characters in our school life. But in truth, his life has been unique and filled with adventure. Born in Greater Vancouver on January 25, 1994—the Feast Day of the Conversion of St. Paul—he is one of... Continue Reading →

COVID-19: When will we play sports again?

Sharif McCurdy '22Contributor COVID-19 has, in one way or another, affected everyone around the world. Cancelled sports events have affected athletes worldwide. Whether you are an athlete, coach or even a spectator at St. Paul’s, the absence of sports due to COVID has affected your livelihood. The sports that have been pushed back, rescheduled, or... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected Rise of Pokémon Go

Sharif McCurdy '22Contributor The sudden and widespread re-emergence of Pokémon Go in our school has been surprising and overwhelming but it is based on many factors. The strange spread of the app across our school and the sheer numbers of people playing, collecting, trading, and battling is undeniable. The app, Pokémon GO, was a hit... Continue Reading →

Update from the 2020-21 Maroon and White Society

Myles Cesario '21President of the Maroon and White Society Hello St. Paul’s! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Myles Cesario and I am President of the Maroon and White Society. I help oversee the operations of the society and add my input on important decisions regarding places where the Society can help those in our community. I... Continue Reading →

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