COVID-19 and Its Effects on the Brain

Baljot Rai '24 Contributor COVID-19 has impacted many of our lives, and our society, both in the short term as well as the long-term. Be it occasionally having to stay home due to being a close contact, or the long-term disruption of the economy, there have been many harsh realities which we have faced. One... Continue Reading →

Anti-Asian hate on the rise during pandemic

John Ergon Golpe '24Contributor Due to the pandemic, Asian-Americans have become common targets for discrimination and prejudice. From verbal and physical attacks, both on the streets and online, to witnessing blatant displays of xenophobia directed towards them and/or others, this unexpected resurgence in racial discrimination has left many Asian communities in the US on edge.... Continue Reading →

COVID-19: When can we expect a vaccine?

Jackson Gordon '22Science & Tech Editor The coronavirus of 2019, or more commonly COVID-19, has been around for almost a year at the time of publishing. Virologists have been working hard to find a vaccine since the disease was first detected in December of last year. Billions of dollars have been invested in these vaccines... Continue Reading →

COVID-19: When will we play sports again?

Sharif McCurdy '22Contributor COVID-19 has, in one way or another, affected everyone around the world. Cancelled sports events have affected athletes worldwide. Whether you are an athlete, coach or even a spectator at St. Paul’s, the absence of sports due to COVID has affected your livelihood. The sports that have been pushed back, rescheduled, or... Continue Reading →

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