Legendary Musicians Dying in 2023 

Sawyer Ramsay ’24 Copy Editor It is only a few months into the year and numerous legendary and fundamental musicians have already passed away. Whether this year is cursed or not, hopefully it will not become a routine. COVID-19 was bad enough as it is, but, recently, big names in the music industry like Jeff... Continue Reading →

Creating Nothing Out of Something 

Darius Martin '24 Website Editor The new Disney Pixar Movie Lightyear is a story within the Toy Story franchise, viewed by a young Andy. The movie is about the events that influence him into buying a Buzz Lightyear figurine. This background information is more or less useless, and with the Toy Story franchise having a... Continue Reading →

New York Fashion Week 2023

Liam Galaugher ’23  Fashion is a part of our global culture that celebrates diversity in all sizes and colours. Fashion Week is a biannual event occurring across the globe. The four cities that participate are New York, London, Milan, and Paris. The purpose of Fashion Week is a time for the industry’s top designers to... Continue Reading →

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