Food and Freedom: A Retrospective on Poland

Ryan Waller ’24 Contributor The lives of those in Poland in the 1980s consisted of work, hunger, and fear. My grandparents and my mother both suffered under the rule of the communist government in Poland. Following the Second World War, Poland had a Russian puppet government. The Polish people and Polish government officials feared Russia,... Continue Reading →

We Should Rethink the UN

William Hudson ’24 Contributor It’s time to replace the United Nations After the disastrous Second World War and the League of Nations’ failure to stop it, world leaders created a new multinational organization: the United Nations (UN). The UN, like its predecessor, aims to prevent wars by encouraging international dialogue, safeguarding human rights, and seeking... Continue Reading →

The Politicization of the Supreme Court

Sean Ehmann ’24 Contributor The United States is a polarized nation. Congress is sharply divided along party lines and executive policies shift drastically from one administration to the next. However, the third branch of government is meant to stay above partisan squabbles, to be truly neutral referees for these political shenanigans. That is, of course,... Continue Reading →

Dubai’s Electric Hyperloop Project

Contributor Samay Dadlani ‘24 Reimagining the future of transportation, the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) is moving steps closer to launch the world’s first hyperloop in the Arabian city of Dubai. The principal motivation for this 22 billion USD project is to reduce travel-time for UAE (United Arab Emirates) commuters. The hyperloop, formally known as... Continue Reading →

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