Ukraine, Russia, and NATO: War in Europe

Emmitt Wilson '22 Politics Editor Eight years ago, in February and March of 2014, a political and military crisis racked Eastern Europe. After years of covertly supporting separatists in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, Russia staged an invasion. Crimea was taken over, completely and formally annexing the region in just two weeks. Since 2014, Crimea... Continue Reading →

What Are the Tories Doing?

Nathan Poklar '24 On January 29, the so-called “Freedom Convoy” arrived in Ottawa. Their goal? Protest the recently introduced vaccine mandates in the trucking industry. Both the Liberal Party and the NDP have condemned this protest. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized the protesters, telling them to “go home” and calling them an “insult to truth,”... Continue Reading →

The Best Spare Spots – Ranked

Yash Varma '24 Contributor Spares. Got to love ’em, eh? With the semester system in place, every grade now has schedules with spares. So, I feel that it is time that someone should take the challenge in ranking the most popular spare destinations and determine which place is the best to be. I feel that... Continue Reading →

Do All Lives Matter?

Donovan Martin '22 Chief Editor This question causes strife among all peoples on Earth. First, it must be established that the life of each human is equal. This might seem to be a plea in support of the term ‘All Lives Matter,’ but quite the contrary is true. All lives matter, or ALM, means not... Continue Reading →

Correction or Recession?

Benjamin Swistun  Contributor Jerome Powel (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) spoke on January 26, 2022, about the inflation crisis that is hitting America right now. All western nations have experienced an increase in inflation within the last year. This is due to supply chain issues and continuous money printing without sizable economic growth. The goal... Continue Reading →

Prominent Black Saints

Baljot Rai ’24 February is Black History Month, a time to be aware of societal and cultural contributions of the Black community. It’s a time which calls us to gain knowledge, fight for justice, and address racism. The Black community is a vital part of the Church’s development, especially with Black saints. The history of... Continue Reading →

Canada’s Single-Use Plastic Ban

Baljot Rai '24 Contributor Plastic pollution is one of the largest issues facing society today. The economy, the environment, and the way we live our lives are being irreparably changed. Canadian beaches, parks, and shorelines that we cherish are defiled by billions of micro-plastics. While all of us can play a small part toward keeping... Continue Reading →

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