Wilcosh’s Festive Flicks

Riley Wilcosh '22 Contributor Once again, it’s time for a fresh batch of Christmas movie reviews from yours truly. But this year, I have decided to dabble in masochism. I have decided to waste hours of my time by reviewing sloppy snow, deplorable decorations, unpleasant presents, and horrible ho ho hos. For your entertainment, I... Continue Reading →

The Argument for Free Software

William Hudson '24 Contributor Current events are filled with stories of technological advancement and its benefits for the regular person. People hold computers millions of times more powerful than those used for the first moon landings, groceries can be directly ordered by speaking to a virtual assistant, and the internet is a wonderous and dynamic space. However, these advancements... Continue Reading →

Remembering Sébastien Ritchot

Donovan Martin ’22 and Bara Bashir ’22 Chief Editor and Contributor With great sadness, The Crusader News mourns the passing of Sébastien Brian D’Artagnon Ritchot. On November 23, 2021, Sébastien died in the Health Sciences Centre at the young age of 17 due to injuries sustained from a car crash. Sébastien was an incredible student.... Continue Reading →

The Virginia Governor Election and the Future

Benjamin Swistun ’22 Contributor On November 2, 2021, state elections took place in Virginia and New Jersey. The most important race of the night was the Virginia gubernatorial election where Republican Glenn Youngkin was elected by a margin of 2%. His competitor, Terry McAuliffe, took the role of the incumbent Democrat in favour of previous... Continue Reading →

A Farewell to Dr. Uzat

Oscar Lavitt ’22 School Life Editor At the end of this December, Dr. Rod Uzat will be leaving St. Paul’s High School to embark on a new career as a university professor. Dr. Uzat has taught at St. Paul’s for 10 years, serving as an American History teacher, a golf and grade 9 basketball coach,... Continue Reading →

Compton’s Christmas Compendium

Alec Compton'22 Arts & Culture Editor Dean Martin: The Dean Martin Christmas Album (1966) Dean Martin’s slick, soulful vocals sound at home amongst the gorgeous instrumentals presented here. The album is mixed so that Dean’s voice is the only stem coming through in mono, with choir vocals and the band being panned mostly in opposite... Continue Reading →

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