Riley’s Spooky Cinema Selections 

Riley Wilcosh ’22  Contributor  Halloween is my Christmas. Everything about the holiday makes me feel alive. And nothing is more synonymous with the holiday than fear, and in particular: horror movies. While being “the film guy” for the paper requires me to be knowledgeable about every genre, I take pride in being a horror movie aficionado. So,... Continue Reading →

The Next Leader of Europe: The 2021 German Election

Sean Ehmann ’24  Contributor  For 16 years, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the de facto ruler of Europe. As the leader of the most populous and economically powerful nation in the European Union, Merkel provided direction for the continent through numerous crises including the Great Recession, the Greek debt crisis, and the ongoing migrant crisis.   ... Continue Reading →

A Certified Certified Lover Boy Review

Ade Adedapo ’23  Contributor  On September 3, 2021, Canadian rapper Drake dropped his highly anticipated 7th studio album, Certified Lover Boy, for the world to enjoy. Initially expected to be released in January of 2020, just before Valentine’s Day, the rapper postponed due to an unexpected knee injury. Here is an analysis and review of... Continue Reading →

Canada’s Historic Gold Medal

Caleb Pereira ’23 Sports Editor Eight years in the making, the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics brought excitement to billions of fans across the world. For Canada, it was a tournament to remember as they collected 24 medals. Arguably, their most impressive medal came from Women’s Soccer as they won Gold for the first time. This... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Transfer Window Ever

Ikem Nnadi ’24 Contributor Coming off a year plagued by uncertainty, disease, and unrest, the last nine months have been a long ‘rebuilding’ phase with no end in sight. This has been quite evident in the world of soccer. The game’s biggest clubs strengthened and re-formed, while smaller teams pulled off steals to recruit much... Continue Reading →

A Word with Kelsey Wog

Siwon Jengsuksavat ’23 and Ilia Mehr Bakhsh ’22 Contributor and Deputy Editor Born in Regina and raised in Winnipeg, Kelsey Wog is a member of the Canadian Olympic Swimming Team. Kelsey’s experiences as a young Olympian may be beneficial to St. Paul’s athletes who wish to dedicate their time and efforts to a specific sport.... Continue Reading →

The Death of The Devil’s Dip

Patrick McManus ’22Contributor Wilderness bike trails have been growing in popularity in Winnipeg. These trails span many kilometres around the city, often along rivers and roads. One of the largest trails in Winnipeg is along Wellington Crescent. Colloquially known as “The Devil’s Dip,” this trail consists of many sharp corners and tall jumps around the... Continue Reading →

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