Album Review Gauntlet – June 2021

Ade Adedapo Contributor Alec Compton ’22 Arts & Culture Editor Khaled Khaled: 8/10 (Ade)  Famed New Orleans producer DJ Khaled dropped his long awaited twelfth studio album Khaled Khaled on April 30, 2021. The 45-year-old disc jockey and social media star put everything he had on every song on the record. On the 14 track album, Khaled collaborated with a whopping 26 different artists and groups including everyone from rappers like Cardi B and 21... Continue Reading →

A Letter from the Editor

James Brennan ’21 Chief Editor Dear readers, My time here at The Crusader News has come to a close. I’m so proud of the work we accomplished over this past year. We aimed for four full editions and managed to complete five. We published over 100 articles, crosswords, and comics. We launched a new website... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Fred Sasakamoose

Max Olson ’22 Contributor For Indigenous people, the story of a residential school survivor playing in the NHL is inspirational. For non-Indigenous people, it is a reminder of this dark chapter in Canadian history. Many people go through hardships in life, but it's what you do with that hardship that defines you. Fred Sasakamoose is... Continue Reading →

Remembering my years at St. Paul’s

Beiment Abera ’21 Contributor Dear Crusader Family, It was Mother’s Day afternoon when, all of a sudden, my phone became an instant alarm clock, ringing non-stop. I received several texts from friends, family, and colleagues regarding the province’s decision about the sudden influx of cases. The news was devastating and unbearable: those in authority thought... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Invincible

Riley Wilcosh ’22 Contributor After the commercial and critical success of the adult superhero shows The Boys, Amazon Prime has once again been able to produce another top-tier show in the same vein. This being the animated gem, Invincible. Drawn in an art style similar to many animated shows over the last decade (Venture Bros,... Continue Reading →

Album Review: The Off-Season

Sharif McCurdy ’23 Contributor The Off-Season by J. Cole is a reminder that since 2018’s KOD, J. Cole has been diligent in producing records ample in introspection and impressive lyricism. Since 2018, fans have speculated on the release of a new album due to references in past songs and cover art. And thankfully, the three-year... Continue Reading →

Riley’s MMA Year in Review

Riley Wilcosh ’22   Contributor It’s been a crazy year. Sports have been feverishly trying to start up again, yet many failed to. Luckily for me, MMA was the first sport to go back to full events. For hardcore and casual fans alike, this year has been fantastic for MMA. So to wrap up this... Continue Reading →

European Soccer Championship

Caleb Pereira ’23 Contributor Excitement, suspense, and upsets. This summer, the European Soccer Championship will include these all. It’s one of soccer’s most prestigious tournaments five years in the making since the last time in 2016. 24 of Europe’s top international teams face off in a group stage and a knockout stage until one team... Continue Reading →

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