Kentucky Fried Gaming?

Matthew Stipanović '22Contributor The console wars are over. Both PlayStation and Xbox have fought valiantly, but have been ultimately defeated by a never-before-seen adversary; one who lurked in the shadows and gathered its strength to crush both enemies in one fell swoop. This mysterious, omnipotent company is none other than Kentucky Fried Chicken. You read... Continue Reading →

Faith in the West: a continuing decline?

Tony Fiorino '21Contributor Look at your life. We drift from quiet, barren homes to work and school—the location of our labours and where our forefathers once hated to be—only to return to those desolate spaces we call home. People shuffle between each other’s lives—literally swiping past in some cases—never attempting to reach out or see... Continue Reading →

Welcoming Mr. Oliver Capko, S.J.

Myles Cesario '21Religion Editor Mr. Oliver Capko, S.J. is the newest Jesuit in our school community and perhaps one of the most unknown characters in our school life. But in truth, his life has been unique and filled with adventure. Born in Greater Vancouver on January 25, 1994—the Feast Day of the Conversion of St. Paul—he is one of... Continue Reading →

End of an era: Mr. David Beeston ’76 retires

Darius Martin '24Contributor Donovan Martin '22Deputy Editor In mid-January of 2021, celebrated teacher Mr. David Beeston retired from St. Paul's High School. Mr. Beeston graduated from St. Paul’s in the class of 1976, returning a few years later to teach English at the school. As the years went on, his mark on the school grew.... Continue Reading →

Review: The Mandalorian

Yash Varma '24Contributor The Mandalorian Season Two offered a lot to fans and is by far one of the strongest works that Disney’s Lucasfilm has produced. Due to the enthralling story, breathtaking action, and major character cameos, the second season of The Mandalorian is one of my favourite Star Wars media to date. Spoilers ahead!... Continue Reading →

Logan Paul strikes again

Jackson Gordon '22Science & Tech Editor Riley Wilcosh '22Film Critic Logan Paul, the YouTuber, actor, boxer, and Pokémon card collector has recently gained fame in both the Pokémon-card-collecting and boxing worlds. After Paul found success on YouTube by opening a 200 000 USD (254 000 CAD) box of Pokémon cards, he decided that he would... Continue Reading →

Eric’s Anime Reviews

Eric Fontaine '22Contributor Your Lie In April:  10/10 Genre: comedy, drama, music, romance, school, slice of life, tragedy Watching Your Lie In April is an emotional roller coaster ranging from pure joy to absolute sorrow. While some may be hesitant to watch due to the seemingly melodramatic or generic story, completing the series is an... Continue Reading →

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